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Full time Fashion Design course

Short time Fashion Design course


This course will provide you with an in depth insight into the life of a stylist. You will gain a thorough understanding of the key roles and responsibilities of a stylist, hair and make up artist, designer, photographer, and art director. You will look at what an assistant would do, and how you might eventually become established in the fashion image creation arena. We will investigate many aspects, from multi channel media to television and film, to the current 'craze' of celebrity styling.

As well as learning about trend analysis, the importance of networking and relationships with PRs, and creating a targeted portfolio; you will develop a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of styling on a photo shoot/film.

Fashion styling:

  • Shoot concepts
  • Fashion image analysis
  • Mood board
  • Styling to suit various fashion genres
  • Styling for body types
  • Trends
  • Street style
  • Styling kit
  • Requesting samples from PRs / sourcing & returns
  • Fashion editing & run throughs
  • Giving direction to achieve a desired image result
  • Working with photographers, hair and makeup artists & models
  • Team work
  • Project management
  • Conceptual editorial styling vs sales driven commercial styling
  • Fashion photography & makeup:

  • Fashion hair and makeup
  • Composition, colour & mood
  • Working with a photographer
  • Presentation skills:

  • Creating a visual reference board
  • Enhancing your work to achieve perfection

    Luxury Brand Management course takes a strategic view of the dynamic characteristics and opportunities with the global luxury goods industry. The luxury industry has doubled in size over the past 10 years, reflecting an increasingly global presence. Traditionally a sector associated with Europe, luxury brands are expanding into the markets of the fast-developing BRIC economies.

    Through analysis of contemporary fashion companies, you will be introduced to the latest theories alongside professionally oriented implications in luxury brand management. Upon completion of the course, you will have acquired the ability to successfully develop, implement and manage luxury brand marketing campaigns.

    Through taught classes, projects and contact with industry experts you will develop the knowledge, insights and critical skills to make informed judgments about the strategic and tactical business activities of luxury brands.

    Course Modules:

  • Luxury: concept and definitions
  • Luxury management and luxury business model
  • Customers attitude towards luxury brands
  • Developing brand equity: the case of luxury brands
  • Marketing and luxury products
  • Pricing luxury
  • Distribution and luxury
  • Luxury brand stretching